Saturday, 4 October 2014


Photo taken by Jerrick 

The Fifth Label White Playsuit | Rubi Charlie Heel | Otthers Coin Necklace | Chanel Boy Wallet | GnE BIOFirion Bracelet 

My bae and I went to Watson Bay just to have a little getaway before the hectic uni life starts again. Really fall in love with this playsuit I got from The Fifth Label designed by a talented Australian Fashion Designer. The texture of the cloth is so comfortable. It is such a timeless piece yet still has some chic and elegant element on it. I paired it with the heels from Rubi to keep the overall look simple and clean. It is quite a comfortable heels, I can wear it all day long without a fuss. Well that is still not the main point, the main point is I got it for just $20! This might be not so cheap in Malaysia but it is holy cheap in Australia.

So as you can see I tied up my hair just like those fashion models do in the runway but I guess I can't really pull off this hairstyle perfectly. Sad to say that my ears shape are the main problem that is why this hairstyle doesn't suits me but yet I just want to give it a shot. If there is a surgery that able to solve my ears shape problem I may probably consider to do that. Haha just kidding. This is such a super silly idea. Pardon me for not having so many photos for you guys this time. The blazing hot sun was killing me and I couldn't even open my eyes while I am taking photos sometimes. Lots of bad quality photos today so yeah this is what I got for today.

On the lighter note, we also went to a restaurant called Doyle's On the Beach to have our lunch and guess what happened...

Don't judge the food by it's photo. We decided to try out this restaurant is because they have the best rating around that area and this restaurant is so crowded. We need to queue up just to get the seats. So we expect their food must be superb. I ordered this whole lobster with a side of chips and garden salad. Although I was so hungry that time, but this does not satisfy my cravings for lobster. I would say the whole dish is completely tasteless. I added the salt into this plate for god knows how many times. Everything still does'nt taste good. Such a waste. It cost me a bomb too. If any of you going to Watson Bay, never ever go to this restaurant to have your lunch. It is overpriced. Fish and Chips is like $45? Unless you just want to take a sip of beer and wine while enjoy the beautiful view of Watson Bay, this could be the good spot for you.

Till then loveliessss!!

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