Monday, 15 December 2014


Photo taken by Andy

ZARA Leather Jacket | Topshop Faux Leather Pants | Uniqlo White Top | Nastygal Bag | Chicwish Boots | H&M Leather Gloves | Diva Gold Necklace

"Snow is called Yuki in Japanese language"

As those who followed my Instagram (@angelineseah), I bet all of you know I went to Hokkaido, Japan this time. It is extremely cold over there (around -10C), everyone was wearing the thick winter coat except me because I just look very bad on it. So here is a tip on how to wear during the cold winter in a stylish way yet not letting yourself frizzing like hell.

Just put on a leather jacket, leather jacket can certainly block the cold wind for you and also give you a very edgy look. For the top, I chose the white turtle neck top from Uniqlo, which has the heatech. It is kinda warm so guess what..I just wore two layers during this icy cold weather.

Gloves is also very important because if you don't wear any gloves, your hands will freeze and cannot feel anything after a couple of minutes. So, I paired up my outfit with this genuine leather gloves to add more style on it. I really love the braiding detail on the gloves too.

As you can see the whole outfit is just basically the combination of black, white and gold. It is a very simple combination that does not make you lose the style yet keep you warm.

Hope you enjoy reading my post and looking at the postcards I got from Hokkaido. It is so hard for me to take those photos because it was snowing heavily. This is just a quick update. There will be one more post so stay tuned loveliess!


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