Saturday, 25 October 2014


Photo taken by Jerrick

Popcherry baby blue dress | Kate Spade bag | H&M fedora hat | Alex Monroe posy twist ring | Pandora accessories | Rubi white heels

First of all, sorry for the 3 weeks hiatus and I bet those who read my blog frequently will know why I am always so busy. So there is no need to explain anymore. Finally get to squeeze out half of my day to update my blog. Perhaps today is the worst day ever to go out, it is like 30 degree celcius out there and I can feel I am melting now. Anyway, let's get back to the main topic. Yes, I cut bangs and not really sure whether it is a good decision until now. It can be very annoying sometimes and I have to bring a small comb out because my bangs always super messy after the wind blew on my bangs. But hey, look on the bright side, I feel fresh with my new hairstyle. Let me know what you think about it too, just feel free to leave a comment down there =)

Let's start talking about my outfit. I bought this dress from Popcherry fashion is because I love everything about this dress, from the relaxed slouchy fit to the stunning lace details at the back.
Recently, I am also super obssessed with pearl earrings without any specific reason. Love to wear them everyday. Today's outfit also featuring the beautiful posy twist ring from Alex Monroe. I genuinely feel Alex Monroe is so much better than those big brands like Tiffany and co. because it is handmade and everything is so delicate and unique. Alex Monroe is truly a hidden gem that not so many people are aware of it though this brand is quite famous in UK. I am not helping them to advertise here, this is just my personal opinion about jewelleries. If I got the chance to meet Alex Monroe in person, I will be super happy because he is really someone that I admire as I have a great passion on jewellery designs as well.

I guess this is the end of my post for today. Stay tuned my blog because I will be back *wink*


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