Monday, 30 December 2013

Last Day of 2013

Today obviously is the last day of 2013, I woke up at 8am and started to think what I have done and learnt throughout the whole year. Well, couldn't agree more I really learnt a lot, learnt how to see this realistic yet wonderful world.

* Before you read those paragraphs below, if you are looking for my grammar mistakes then please close this tab now. Although I study in Australia but I am not a journalist. I am not here to write a novel. If you don't mind my grammar mistakes, WELCOME WELCOME!!

Since young I always have a thinking, everything you have to try because you only live once! Talking honestly, I really scared of death very much. So I always tell myself to try whatever I want when I am still right here right now in this world. You have no idea how many things I had already tried during childhood times. Be a news reporter on TV? You bet!! *no kidding*

Okay, I should end up my grandmother stories now..I would like to list out what I had tried,learnt and things that is worth to remember throughout this awesome year!!! Some are my small little secrets *because I didn't tell anyone* but it is the time to reveal it now!

1) First time study in Australia and I really love this beautiful country!! Not a big deal actually, I am always independent enough. Standard 6 already leave the house and fly to Sarawak alone. Homesick? Not at all but I really miss Malaysia traditional food. I REALLY DO!

2) Switch to Business course is the toughest thing I ever done! Well, my dad pays the bill so I have to obey his rules : Study business course. It is really tough for me because I love science subjects especially Biology! I don't know any shit about business. Only friends who switch from science to business will know what I have been through!!!

3) Become a blogger? I seriously never thought of that before! Because I always think it is hard and need to keep myself updating the blog!! As what I said earlier, I love to try anything!! REALLY ANYTHING!! So I decided to try it. It really becomes a space for me to escape from my studies or should I say the reality? And my boyfie really gave me lots of support on this!!!

4) First time participate Blogger contest host by Laneige!! It was really fun although I did not win! After this incident, it really can makes me see clearly who my friends are! Friends are willing to go for the extra mile just to help me gain more votes!! Thank you!! I love you all especially my beloved PM18!! You guys are amazing!

5) This year, I also learnt what is called " Study Hard and Play Hard ". After struggling so much during the first semester, my second semester end up pretty well. I travel a lot around Australia but I still able to take care of my studies too. Instead of studying like a nerd everyday during first semester, my second semester results was even better than first semester despite how much I played, travelled and enjoy my life!

6) Started to be very optimistic! The world is your oyster, so go out and rock it!!! As long as you are very passion to do it, GO FOR IT!

7) I already 20 years old but this year I just started earn some money for myself. Although is not a lot, but I am quite happy with it! Never want to compare with anyone else!!

8) First time there is someone out there willing to give me this golden opportunity to sponsor stuff for my blog!! Thank you!!! You have no idea how you all made my day!!! Although some just disappeared at the end. But anyways, thanks for thinking of me and having me!!

9) This year I also celebrated my very first Valentine's Day with my beloved boyfie!! Huh? First time? Yeap! And it was a really superb and romantic Valentine's Day, we celebrate it at the Darling Harbour and he helped me tie a necklace that he wanted to give me for so long!! That moment was really touching!! I really love you baby!! 

10) Also, thanks to one of my bestie, Huiyean!! I got my very first Tiffany & co. jewelry this year!! I had been dreaming to have one!!! Thank you so sooo much!!! Love you too!!!

11) Finally moved into my new house!! I still remember 8 years ago, when I was just a 12 year old kid, I pointed and asked my mum in the car, ' Ma, do you think we can move into here? ' * "Here" is refer to the place where I staying right now* My mum said, ' You can wait until your next life! ' Means it is impossible!! But MY DAD DID IT!!!! Although he is always so busy for work, seldom come back but couldn't agree more my dad is really awesome!!! I can see how much effort my dad had put in just to let us have a good life!! Not to mention last time when I was 4-5 years old, our family can only afford to rent ONE ROOM!!! People always can see the results like how good is other people's life but people never know what they have been through!! I still love you Daddy although sometimes you release your stress on us!

Lastly, thanks to everyone of you who supports me, support my blog!!!! I really can't describe how lucky am I to have so much love from you all!! And it is such a great blessing to have so many friends and family who loves me and keep loving me until now!!! Thank you very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cheers!!!



  1. It's okay dear, my grammar is bad too :D
    Hope the best for you in 2014
    Btw Happy New Year :D

    1. The same to u too!!! =) Happy new year Valentina!!


  2. Happy new year!!!
    kisses from


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