Friday, 17 January 2014

China Shopping Haul + My Lazy Day

I bet some of you know I went to China but it was definitely not a vacation for me. I went there to learn more about China market and some private purpose. I did not really went for shopping actually. Still, I would like to share what I bought in China =) So from the first picture, those are what I bought over there..the bird cage for room deco, the cute bracelet, the two iPhone cases are presents from friends and one set of Marc Jacob perfumes. I always wanted to try out that Marc Jacob perfume because it was quite famous and highly recommended. So yeah! I finally bought it! And oh! Did I ever mention about they are currently having promotion now? So go grab it before it is too late *wink* China has changed a lot and I learnt that not every China products are low quality. There are so much things to see and learn from them!! 

Anyway, I also decided to do a post on what I usually wear at home. To me, clothes to wear at home should be SOFT and COMFORTABLE. Although it is not so fashionable but health is always come the first. The dress is from Liz Lisa, the lace top and pants are from Cotton on whereas the jacket is from Juicy Couture. Some people are too lazy to change their clothes before they go to bed. They rather wear tight t-shirt and jeans when sleeping. This might affect our health. As long as I am at home, I will be wearing something like this. So what about you? =)



  1. wow, your photos are very attractive! :)

  2. i like your last outfit~ that's really pretty~~

    1. Thank you Adeline!!! Happy to see you leaving a comment here =)


  3. Love your picca ... <3

    from FrankieRoseUni


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