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Oh heyyy peeps!!! Today is going to be a special post about one of my favorite childhood snacks - Mamee!!! So no fashion nor beauty post today! Maybe you will be like "Duhhh~~ Everyone already knows it because it is so popular in Malaysia and oversea countries!" Well guys, this time will never be the same alright, I am not here to advertise their snacks or instant noodles, I am here to introduce you guys their new Mamee Jonker House which is located at the Jonker street in Melaka!! So next time anyone of you from other states or even you are a Malaccan but never been to this place before, YOU GUYS SHOULD PAY A VISIT!!! 

What so special about it??? Now I am gonna separate my blogpost into three section now..

The Mamee Cafe:

Yeap!! Inside the Mamee jonker house, they have an awesome cafe selling a wide array of delicious and scrumptious Malaysian delicacies!! They also sells cakes and coffee!! It is truly a nice place to chill after walking so long at the jonker street under the hot blazing sun.

So here is the cafe where you can order your drinks and cakes.

Nice Chinese New Year decorations because CNY is coming!!! Yayyyy!!

So my bro and I ordered this Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball because it looks so damn delicious in the menu as well!! And of course!! It tastes simply delightful and heavenly good!! The chicken meat is so soft and the rice smells so good because it cooks with the chicken stock! I really recommend you guys to try this out! It is their special homemade recipe!

Then, my bro order another plate of Mee goreng which complement with the satay and acar!! The chili simply spice up the noodles taste and this is another dish I recommend you guys to give it a try!

Lastly, we ordered the Hainanese Chicken Chop!! It tastes good but not as good as the Chicken Rice Ball and Mee Goreng though. Maybe I was just too full haha.

Iced Chocolate is such a perfect drink for this kind of hot crazy weather! So happy and thanks to the Mamee Chairman for the treat!! What an honor! 

The Mamee workshop:

Next one will be so damn fun!! It is time for some Mamee workshop!! Their workshops are available during weekends so it is such a great place for family with kids! They have the workshop to make a Mamee cup noodle by yourself and also make the Mamee noodle from scratch! Unfortunately, I only able to do the Mamee cup noodle on that day due to some minor problems. But overall it was still quite fun! We had a great time over there!!

Many colorful Sharpies for all of us to decorate our cup noodle before we make it ourselves. 

I changed my He Monster *Yeap that is the real Monster's name* into She Monster LOL!! So cute and pretty right? Haha 

 So here is my half product...

Now my cup noodle is ready!! It is time to add the dried noodles into my cup!!

 Am listening carefully about the instructions..

Putting the dried ingredients into the cup noodle. I chose the TomYam flavor!! Yummmmmm~

So now I have to cover it up!

 Wrap a layer of plastic on it and then the cup noodle had to go through a high temperature machine then...

WE ARE DONE!! This is our final product!!! Hehe!!

After the workshop, what I learnt is how they actually produce their cup noodle in the factory. The process is certainly clean and safe so please come and have fun with your friends and family and make it as your special souvenir here!!

The Mamee Museum:

So now here comes the last section of the Mamee Jonker House!! They have a museum right here to let everyone know the history of Mamee Double-Decker company!!

 There is a big He Monster over there near the entrance to welcome all of you!!
 Oh heyy!! I saw something familiar!! "G'day, mate!" is how we greet people in Australia!! Heard that Mamee do very well in Australia and it also available in their school canteen as well!! 

There is not so many pictures I took in the Mamee Museum because I want to let you guys to come and explore yourself!! *wink*

 Outside of the Museum, they also selling some Mamee merchandises over here!! And you can definitely get a cheaper price here compare to other places!!

They also selling this cute lil He Monster plush toys right here. Isn't he cute? 

So here comes the end of the post, specially thanks to Justin for inviting me and make sure the whole trip go smooth and all!! I really had fun that day!! So what are you guys waiting for? Go and pay a visit to Mamee Jonker House now!! Lastly, hope you guys enjoy reading this post although it is not my usual fashion nor beauty post!!! Ciao~

Here is the address>>>> No. 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka



  1. So close to my working place but I just have no time to pay a visit. Will do next time. No offence yea, but personally I prefer this light make up of you, simply look sweet :)

    1. Thank you Pei Qin!!!! =) I actually prefer light makeup too!!! =D


  2. Never know this place until you blog about it hehe. Enjoy ur time in malaysia! :D

  3. wow, thanks for sharing, didnt know that! :)

  4. the food is look so delicious dear and the place is very interesting too :D


    1. The food are delicious indeed!!!! ^^ Thanks for reading my blog <3



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