Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Her Vogue Diary x Hishop Ruby Aura

Helloooo my beautiful ladies!! Today I am going to share my little beauty secret with all of you!! As you all know, I am a fashion and beauty blogger so I have to apply makeup whenever I want to write a new post and etc. Hence, I need to take good care of my skin more than anyone else!!! Thanks to Hishop for sponsoring me this wonderful product called Ruby Aura Collagen Drink!!! I can see my skin condition is getting better and better!!

So what is Ruby Aura?
It is the 1st Brightening Collagen Drink that defines a Whitening Injection treatment.
It marries the power of eastern philosophy and western science, a unique 9x Golden Formula delivers a sublime, flawless and radiant feel in JUST 5 DAYS!! Yes you got it right!

Is it safe to consume?
I am sure everyone concern about this issue including me. No worries ladies!! It is a natural supplement derived form natural ingredients, from careful selection of raw materials through the entire manufacturing process in GMP and Italy Ministry of Health approved facilities.

I don't want to make my post too wordy so let's see how to prepare this drink by ourselves!

Step 1:                                                                              
Prepare 100ml of room temperature water into a shaker.

Step 2:
Mix 1 sachet of Ruby Aura into the shaker.

Step 3:
Shake well and you are done!! As easy as a piece of cake huh?

How does the collagen drink taste like?
It tastes very sweet and has a scent of berries and flowers!!! Does not taste bad at all and I personally really love it although I am not really a fan of berries!!

Well, now allow me to show you all my own before and after result in 5 DAYS!! * I did not edit my photos here *

BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

My skin tone were kind of dull and you can tell my dark eyes circle were so horrible!! Pardon me for not wearing any makeup to scare you but I MUST draw my eyebrow because I can't live without it LOL

After 5 days, I can see my skin has become more radiant, fair and smooth!! My pimple marks are getting lighter and lighter. And also, this product doesn't give me a pale white look but a very nice rosy white cheeks!! Mad love!! Now I can go out without applying any foundation!

My rating : ♥♥♥♥

So who needs to consume Ruby Aura?
As long as you fulfill more than one of this criteria, then YOU NEED IT!

1) In front of computer more than 4 hours everyday. *Duhh!! I am one of them!!*

2) Make up everyday. *Probably not everyday but still consider very often!*

3) Live for a long time in air conditioning environment. *Oh c'mon! Who doesn't? Especially for Malaccan like me, weather is hot as hell LOL*

4) Unhealthy lifestyle. *Hrm..Didn't eat according to the time consider an unhealthy lifestyle?*

5) More than 3 times a week sleep after 11pm. *OMG who doesn't?*

I just picked the most common ones for you and of course there are more in their leaflet!!

So now, I have a great news to all my beloved readers!! You all will get an exclusive RM20 rebate by using this code "RUBY14" with a minimum purchase of RM99 on Hishop Malaysia website, valid till 15 March 2014!!! All thanks to Hishop Malaysia!!!

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  1. Oooh, I've never heard of this before! I never knew you could take supplements to enhance the skin ^o^
    Your skin is ever so perfect, seems like i really have to try this method out because i've tried so many skin care products yet i still can't get rid of my acne scars :(( Thanks for sharing ~~

    1. I feel you!!! I also can't get rid of my acne scars but I do know another way to make it lighter ^^ Just keep your skin supple and fully moisturize it!!! =) Maybe you should try Laneige Water Bank Series? You are most welcome!! <3


    2. Hehe thank you for the tips ♥ I've heard that the Laneige line is really good, might give it a try soon! I've only purchased their water sleeping pack and its so moisturising ^~^ I wish my skin will look like yours soon~~

  2. your skin looks amazing after drink it XD

  3. Replies
    1. give me try also :P deliver to me please XDD

    2. Just go buy yourself since there is discount for this product now =)

  4. lol does it works on guys too? =p


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