Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Beauty Bar

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Bonjour mes belle et jeune filles! *Hello my beautiful and young ladies!* I am back again to review another beauty product for today. Sorry for being MIA once again, was preparing to launch my online store very very soon called Her Bijoux Diary selling handmade sterling silver jewellery so stay tuned everyone! Okay back to the main topic, today I am going to talk about this beauty product - 24k Gold Beauty Bar, which is also a product that is 100% imported from Japan and made in Japan. Thanks to Love Belle Official for sponsoring me this amazing product. So what is that Beauty Bar actually? It is a vibration machine of the gold plate that gives enriching assumed to be living alive to the skin. Woah I know that seems hard to understand. Nevermind, you will understand eventually after I explained it.

Let's start talking about the design of this product. It has a T head design because it can easily touch the face each detail part more effectively, tightens the skin and face. You might curious why is it gold plated? Well, it can help produce the gold ions and activate the cells in our skin. The best part is it can remove eye bags and promote face contour! As a university student like me, need this kind of beauty product so much because I tend to sleep very late due to exams and assignments.

Only one battery is needed for this product then it can vibrate more than 6000 beats per minute! It make the nutrition that our skin needed absorb quickly so I highly recommend you guys to use it when you just applied your skin care products such as moisturizer. Use it to give your face a gentle massage to achieve a V-shape face look and let the skin care products absorb into the skin quickly at the same time! Oh by the way, did I mention it is also waterproof?  

As you can see, I use this to get a more perfect V-shaped face for myself. I also use it after I wake up to reduce some water retention in my skin. This product is not specially designed for my age, it is designed for every ladies! This beauty bar can also anti-wrinkles and promote blood circulation.

I also saw a video that show this product able to make your nose smaller and it did!! *giggles* But I guess it does not stay like that for very long time. Don't forget to massage the area around your eyes. It helps reduce dark eye circles!

I have a good news for all of you! Love Belle is currently having a one month promotion for this product! One beauty bar only cost RM99 with free shipping and 3 months warranty!! Here are the details of their online store...

Web link : (under maintainance right now)
Facebook :
Instagram : @lovebelleofficial

Now they are taking orders by using FB and Instagram so my beautiful and young ladies, what are you waiting for? Go get one and tell me how is it! 

And one more thing!!!!!!!

I finally changed my domain to.......


Really happy about it!! Thanks to my friend, Chester. If anyone of you want to get a domain in a very reasonable price can always contact me and I will introduce my friend to you! *wink* Also, I will have a superb blog giveaway very soon!! So please stay tuned my blog!! Love you guys!!! 



  1. Wow another beauty tool which I've never heard of!! I wonder if it's really made out of gold haha ;P
    After reading all your reviews you make me want to buy everything because this product definitely sounds like something that I need because I always stay up late to do assignments as well :'(
    Anywayys how do you manage to be so pretty, so jelly srsly :o
    And I can't wait til you launch your new jewellry line!! I'll be sure to be one of the first customer hehe! Also, congrats on getting your new domain yay!! Looks awesome haha~~


    1. Haha it is really made out of 24k gold =P
      Thank you so much!! It is just the magic of make over *wink*
      Unfortunately, my jewellery line won't be available in Australia for now but I am really really glad to hear that!!! Thanks <3


    2. Aww really?? :(
      I hope one day you start selling them in Australia !!

  2. wow magic tool :P


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