Saturday, 16 August 2014

Unprepared + Her Bijoux Diary Giveaway Winners

Every bits and pieces of my life recently can only use one word to describe which is "Unprepared". Unprepared for the upcoming quiz, unprepared to grow up, unprepared to face the true fact that my parents are getting older and makes me teared up a bit sometimes. I am really regret for not taking care and always show my love to my parents when I was in my primary/secondary school times. Was a very self-centred person and I joined lots of activities. Even now I still don't do that because I am too shy to make it happen. *I will one day* But I am here to tell you, please cherish the happiness moment when you are with your family every second especially when you are a teenager! Because after you started your university life, you will be away from your home sweet home. And, you will concentrate on your occupation after you graduated. Then, married someone you love and etc. By that time, you will not have so much time just like when you were a primary school kid/ secondary school teens. Yes, this post is actually dedicate to all the younger juniors so that they will not go through what I already experienced and regret for the rest of my life. Let's not thinking of how heartbreaking it is when your puppy lover dumped you or does not accept you because there are still someone in your house love you more than anyone you can imagine.  My parents has already entered their 50. Not trying to curse them or what, but when you think carefully....How long more does our parents can live? I would say average life expectancy in Malaysia is around 65-70? For my case, that means I only get to enjoy around 20 years time with my parents. It is not long at all to be honest. After blink of an eye, here I am already 21. Truly depressed that after my 21 years only realize now is kind of late. *I know nothing is too late, but you know what I meant* Never homesick for the entire of my life but after I think deeply..I tend to ask myself,"Why I am in Australia right now? I want to go back and accompany them more". This is how I started to get homesick. 

Okay the feeling is a bit heavy right now so let's talk about the happy ones! Shall we? The other reason why I make my blogpost title as "unprepared" is also because all the photos you see today are taken when I'm unprepared. It is my boyfriend secretly snapping me at the back without me knowing. Also, I am so unprepared to update my blog as well so I crapped so much. Actually I am not really crapping the stuff out. I really want to write all my thoughts about this for so long. This blogpost is not a fashion ootd post because personally think it is not fashionable at all. *laugh* And I don't look cool and pretty either when I am unprepared for photos.

By the way, do you realize what day is today? Ok maybe you might not know but for those who joined my HER BIJOUX DIARY giveaway, today is the day I have to announce the winners!! *drum rolls*

For those who entered this cute pink candystick bracelet giveaway category,

The winner is.....


And those who entered this cool edgy black onyx with "Her Bijoux Diary" logo bracelet category,

The winner is......

Seeh Yuen Ng

Congratulations to the two lucky winners!!! Don't forget to email me your home address and mobile phone number to ( !! Hope you guys love it. To those who did not win in this blog giveaway, there is always next time! Stay tuned my blog and Her Bijoux Diary (WWW.HERBIJOUXDIARY.COM) to know about our good deals!! Love all of you!! Thanks for the great support!! *send some flying kisses*



  1. Omg you made me tear up reading your post and made me realise how much I should cherish my parents >_<!!
    And i think you look really pretty in all these photos even though you said you were unprepared in all these shots! Shows that you're naturally a model heheh :P Hope your online store is going well ^_^~~


    1. Hey darling! Yeah glad to hear that! You are younger than me =) So cherish your parents more xx
      Thanks for your compliment as always! You are such a sweet reader <3



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