Saturday, 20 September 2014

Miss Hana

Bonjour my beloved readers!!! Sorry for being away and neglected this space for so long. But good news is I am back *wink* Today I am going to do a blog review about Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon!! Have you heard of Miss Hana this brand? I am pretty sure you heard of it before because it is so famous in Malaysia right now. Thanks to Natta Cosme for sending these two lovely crayon looking lip balm for me. I can't wait to try it out!! So yeah, hope you enjoy reading my blog review. Warning: there will be lots of my selfies *evil smile*

So I got two colours here which is...
TOP COLOUR : No.5 Moulin Rouge Diva
BOTTOM COLOUR : No.1 Purple Sakura Season

The colours are very beautiful and pigmented!!! But the purple sakura season colour is even more pigmented than the moulin rouge diva. The crayon texture is so soft and I guess this is one of the disadvantage of the lip balm because the crayon might break easily. However, it is very smooth to apply on the lips. 

Now I am going to try apply this Purple Sakura Season colour....Let the photos do the talking.

It is a very sweet colour and I love it!! This colour suits for everyday wear during daytime because it looks very casual. But, there is a downside about this lip balm, which is the smell. The smell of the lip balm pretty much like those soap or the old school fragrance beads smell. Definitely not my cup of tea but I bet there are ladies out there like this kind of smell. This is just purely my own opinion. 

The next one is Moulin Rouge Diva. And yes, you can simply transform your day makeup to night makeup by simply just switching your lip balm colour and add some eyeshadow on your eyelids. So convenient right?

Well, sorry for the lighting. It somehow didn't show the true colour of this shade. You can refer back to my second photo above to see how the colour shade actually looks like. This lip balm has a great moisturizing effect on the lips. My lips is always dry and sometimes even have dry skin peeling off soon but this lip balm can cure my dry lips problem!! Awesome!

So what is the conclusion?

Packaging: ★/
I really love the design and packaging of the lip balm. It is so cute and very creative, you can even put them into your pencil box and let them blend with your other pens and pencils without letting your teacher know. * haha just kidding, don't listen and follow what I say alright * 

Moisturizing effect: ★/
This lip balm has a strong moisutizing effect. It is a very creamy texture and nice to apply it on the lips. It does not make you feel oily and sticky at the same time.

Long lasting effect: ★/
Although this lip balm colour is very pigmented but it does not last long. You just need one wipe to remove 90% of the colour shade on your lips. 

Where to get? 

You can get them in 5 different shades at just RM 35 each at Natta Cosme!!
And also.....

To all my loyal readers,
you can simply key in "MHSHARP" then you will be
entitled to get one Miss Hana Sharpener worth RM15.90 from your purchase.
This coupon code will be valid until October 15th, 2014
Don't forget to share this good news!! Sharing is Caring *wink*

For more enquiries and information, visit Natta Cosme  



  1. Ohh these colours look very cute on you! ^ ___ ^

  2. Hi dear!!
    I have known your blog thanks to the group Fashion Bloggers , Fashion Lovers on Fb and I love it !!
    You have a great blog! :)
    I follow you on FB ;) and I also invite you to visit my blog, if you want ...
    kiss . V

    1. Thanks Vanessa!! No worries, I will go and have a look on your blog =) Reading blogpost is one of my hobbies!!
      Hope you enjoy your day!!


  3. So beautiful photos ! Your blog is really gorgeous and I love macarons too. See you on vicirage


    1. Thank you dear!! Macarons are amazing!! <3


  4. the colours are very pretty and so are you ^^

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment!! ^^


  5. Beautiful shades. And it pictures are awesome. Pretty u.
     Sahar the Cozy Fashionista

    1. It is very sweet of you!! Thank you <3



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