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Hey hunnies!! Today I am going to do a product review about this wonderful moroccan oil that do wonders on my frizzy terrible hair! As you all know, I dye my hair quite often ( at least twice per year?) and also like to curl my hair once in a while. All these are actually damaging my hair and it looks like the dry hay. When I go to the hair salon, the hairstylist first reaction will be like ' Woah! Your hair is so dry '. Not sure whether is because they want me to do their hair treatment so they can earn more from that or it is the truth. *giggles* But I think I am way better than some other girls that straighten/curl their hair EVERYDAY. It is not only time consuming but also damaging our hair every time we do that even though we applied those hair protection oil or whatsoever. 

Hair care is my second priority as skin care always comes first for me. I took ages to find a perfect hair treatment oil that able to cure my frizzy hair. Kérastase and L'oreal professional hair treatment oil never work well on my hair too. And now, I finally found the perfect one - Moroccanoil ! Highly recommend you girls to go and try it! Trust me, you will never regret.

Anyway, no rush hun. You can make the decision right after you read my honest review about it. 

So let's start from the Moroccanoil Treatment!

I usually just apply 2 pumps of it on my damp hair. Then, when it is dry, apply another 1 pump again. I have to admit that it is quite oily but it has a very nice fragrance smell that able to last for the whole day! I personally really like my hair smells good throughout the whole day, it makes me feel so good. I can't really tell what kind of fragrance smell they used by the way but it is quite pleasant for me.

 It becomes more volume, not dry and frizzy anymore! In addition to this, it is also make my hair so much softer and smoother so I do not have to worry that I will pull some of my hair off while I am combing my hair. It has a unique formula rich in antioxidant argan oil that instantly absorbs into hair to immediately enhance manageability, shine and deliver long term conditioning without leaving residue. 

The next product - Glimmer Shine

After I applied the Moroccanoil treatment, I will spray this second product on my hair to provide instant shine and great protection against environmental elements

Here is how my healthy hair look like! I am very pleased to see the final outcome of my hair. It looks so straight and shiny, isn't it?

So here is the summary about these two products:

- Make your hair smoother and softer
- Able to cure dry and frizzy hair
- Nice fragrance smell
- Beautiful and classy packaging

- It is a bit pricey
- A bit oily for other girls who has oily hair ( but they did mentioned these products can be apply to all hair types)

Where to get? I get it from a beauty saloon called Kim Sun Young beauty saloon in Sydney CBD. It is not available in Malaysia at the moment.

Price: Moroccanoil treatment $55 AUD
           Glimmer shine $25 AUD

Thanks for reading my product review loveliess! It is truly a great hair product for every ladies if not I wouldn't trouble myself to make a blogpost about it when my finals is just around the corner *shivers*

Till next time!!


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  1. "Not available in Malaysia" ='(

    1. I know right =( But will let you know if I saw it in Malaysia =D


  2. wow.. I have been looking for a good treatment as well for my hair. oh, so sad I can't avail it.
    hmm, maybe next time :)

    One Frozen Mind

    1. Nawhh =( Sorry to hear about that! Yeah there is always next time!



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