Saturday, 20 December 2014

Yuki - Episode 2

Photo taken by Andy

Missguided Winter Coat | Wanted Australia Snow Boots | H&M Sweater, Socks, Leather Gloves and Skirt | Uniqlo Basic White Shirt | Nastygal Bag | Tangs Sunglasses

I am back again to continue blogging about my Hokkaido trip! You can check out my previous post here. I have been looking at the photos for few hours just to filter out the bad ones and pick up the decent ones. It was snowing heavily everyday and the lighting was so bad. Or maybe I am still not good enough in photography? I don't know but still sincerely hope my readers are able to enjoy reading this blogpost and get some inspirations on what to wear during winter!

That day, there were two Japanese actually mistaken me as Japanese too when I was wearing this outfit. I am not 100% sure if this is really how a Japanese wear but I was quite happy about it. The scenery is really breathtaking. However, it is certainly not an ideal place to stay for a long time. Went through so much just to take all these photos. At one point of time, I cannot feel my nose and ears anymore, I cannot smell anything and my photographer who is my brother, he also cannot feel his hands after taking photos for me. I really have to give my credits to my brother this time, it was not easy for him at all. Thank you so much bro!

Well let's not talk about this and move on to my outfit. I paired up this knitted sweater with a simple white collar shirt and wore the brown winter coat over it just to get the layering effect on my outfit. As you can see, the overall look has different textures too, the skirt is made of leather. I also wear my snow boots from Wanted Australia, which has the same colour as my winter coat. The boots is waterproof and snow-proof  but I was a bit annoyed because when the snow melt on the boots, it changed to a darker colour. Remember to get a good snow boots that has great grip on it if you are going places like this. Walking on the snow is quite dangerous, the surface is slippery when the sun melts down the snow covered on the land. So, it is very common to see tourists falling down because of that. Make sure you are not one of them. Pain is not the problem, the big problem is our bones are really weak during winter so it might lead to bone fracture if is serious.

Once again thanks for reading my blog! You have no idea this really meant a lot to me! Let me know if you have any kind of post you are looking forward to see from this space and I will try my best to make it happen. Till then!


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