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I am finally back from Thailand! My summer break is ending soon, sincerely sorry for not always updating this space for one week at least once as I promised because I am too busy lately. There are 101 tasks waiting for me to do before I fly back to Sydney. By the way, there will be also a good news for my Australian readers very soon so stay tuned this space! xx

Back to the title of my blogpost, today I am going to blog about an awesome place to go when you are in Bangkok, which is the Vertigo @ Banyan Tree Bangkok. Usually people go to their Moon Bar to chill with a glass of wine and I admit their ambience is fantastic. Moon Bar is a place where you can get some alcoholic drinks but no food is available. Meanwhile, Vertigo is a fine dining place, which is located beside the Moon Bar. So let's check it out what I ordered on that night for my bestie's early birthday celebration!

Pardon me for being vain, I am not going to introduce what I wore that night because it is pretty similar to my previous post. You can see this cape has appeared on my blog twice or trice because it is so versatile and it can cover my not-so-skinny arms *wink*


We ordered a 4 course meal. Before we have our appetizers, they will let us start with their complimentary pumpkin soup. Also, this was how their table setting looks like and the view. We were pretty much dining at the second highest tower in Bangkok. This is what we called sky dining!


That was our appetizers! My bestie, Vivian chose the raw Wagyu beef in thin slices meanwhile mine was the raw tuna,which goes with Avocado, herbs and lemon dressing. My appetizer was really delicious because the tuna was quite fresh. According to Vivian, raw Wagyu beef was not too shabby as well! So we would like to give a thumbs up for the appetizers!

A bit annoyed that night because I just had no idea my DSLR keep focusing the background instead of myself. Please leave a comment down below if you know how to make the DSLR focus on the people during the night. When the sky is getting darker, the photo quality is getting worse too.

Both of us ordered this lobster soup. The lobster soup was so good as the lobster taste was so thick in the soup thus make the soup so much sweeter. Another thumbs up for this course!


Here comes the main course! I ordered grilled salmon meanwhile Vivian ordered grilled Angus beef. I really love the garnish of my main course, the cherry tomatoes was sweet and juicy so it goes very well with the salty salmon and olives!. Vivian also very satisfied with her main course because the mash potatoes also tasted so good with the beef. 


And of course, not to forget our desserts! There is always a space for desserts in our stomach no matter how full we are! How can a dinner does not end with a dessert right? Although in the menu does not have chocolate cake but I told the waiter I love chocolate so much so voila they gave me a chocolate cake for my dessert! It was a bit bitter but I really like it! The chocolate was very rich and also goes very well with the juicy raspberry and orange! Also fall in love with the presentation of the desserts. Vivian ordered pavlova, unfortunately the pavlova was too sweet to our liking, there was no cake on it but just the crispy meringue and fruits. So this time, yay for the chocolate cake! Not going to order their pavlova if we have the second chance.


Yes! I surprised my bestie by asking them to put the present I prepared for her on the plate and wrote happy birthday on it! She was really surprised and happy about it! But what makes me very excited was the birthday cake! I did not order any birthday cake from them and yet they gave us this birthday cake for free just because they thought that day was really the exact day of Vivian's birthday. How lovely! I was so touched and satisfied with their excellent service and awesome cooperation for making that night a wonderful and memorable one! If you guys have any special occasions want to celebrate over there, I guess this might be one of the best place you can go for celebration in Bangkok, Thailand!


They also helped us took a photo together and frame it nicely for us. This service is free for all the customers who had their dinner over there. 


Don't you think this night view is so beautiful? Before I end this post, I will sum up my fine dining experience at Vertigo @ Banyan Tree.

Food :  ★/
Ambience :  ★/
Price : ★/
Service :  /

Till then!


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  1. You've been travelling so much during your summer break!! I would really love to visit Thailand one day but probably Phuket because of all those really pretty beaches hehe! The view from the restaurant sure looks so lovely & that lobster soup had got me drooling after reading your post haha *_* The restaurant was seriously so sweet to give your friend a free birthday cake, i'm sure your friend was reallly surprised :P
    I'm so sad that holidays are coming to an end too :(( Btww I'm going to USYD this year hopefully i might see you around ^_^~~~~


    1. Oh yayyy! Congrats girl! What course you will be doing? Yeah you can see me if so happen that you have classes on Wednesday because I will be joining the market at Eastern Avenue selling my jewelleries on every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in a month. ;)


    2. Thank you!! I'm doing a Bachelor of Education! Ahh Wednesday is actually my day off :((((
      But i'll make sure to come and visit you one day!! It would be really awesome ^_^!!!


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