Monday, 13 April 2015


Well, it has been quite some time I did not write a wordy post. I guess it is about time to write one, not only for my readers but for me myself as well.

So..Today we are going to talk about "beauty". What is your perception of a beauty?
Big eyes? Thin? Tall? Prominent facial features? Sharp chin?
And it goes on and on and on....
Never get enough of it because we human never feel satisfied. Sometimes we are greedy.

I am not perfect.
I do not have a pair of attractive big eyes,
have protruding jaw and teeth,
not tall, 
nor having a prominent facial features.
I am just an average looking person but I am quite contented about it SOMETIMES.

Why I highlighted the "sometimes"?
Because I am just like you, sometimes not feeling contented.
Not to mention cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery is now on trend in all Asian countries,
There are quite a number of my friends did cosmetic surgery/aesthetic treatment because it is so common and even become a social norm now.

Don't get me wrong, I did not say I am not supporting all these.
But, I just feel paranoid.
So fucking annoyed as well.
Just because people are improving but I am just stay at the same point.
I did not want to change,
but I scared the social norm will change me one day.

I am studying in Australia. 
I can tell you I experience some interesting things when I live in Australia and Malaysia.

In Malaysia,
I tend to hear people around me like to complain about their own appearance like...
"OMG there is a huge ass pimple on my face, not perfect anymore"
"My eyes are small, I need to do something with it"
"My nose bridge is not as prominent as others, I need to fix this shit"
"My face is fat, I need a jab"
and it doesn't stop...
And so am I....
just like them keep complaining about my own appearance and want to fix them at some point of time
The level of my self-esteem is so low when I am in Malaysia.
I feel sad, no confident and feel the world is unfair.

Meanwhile in Australia,
I rarely..or should I say I NEVER,
heard of anyone in Australia complaining about their own appearance
They praise each other quite often
And they praised me a lot too.
They said I do not need to fix anything, I look amazing just the way I am now.
I do think those are sincere compliments
My self-esteem is restored once again
I love myself more and I love my wonderful life
when I am in Australia.
I appreciate every little things I have and get to enjoy every bit of my life

I spent quite some time to think about this deeply.
I really think we are overly critical of our own appearance.
We like to magnifiy our tiny weeny problem
and spend a lot of time to analyzing and trying to fix things that aren't quite right
How do we know those things aren't quite right?
This is clearly what our society taught us and define what is "beauty" for us
The real definition of a "real beauty" shouldn't be as narrow as this
Here is an awesome clip from Dove and I think it is very meaningful
Apologies to anyone who already watched this 
but if you are still lack of self-confidence, please watch it again

It is a pretty touching video huh?
Let's just don't think about how tactical Dove is on advertising their campaign,
I think this video impacts me a lot.
The second sketch which the stranger describe on that subject is much more attractive and accurate as how the subject actually look like
We are truly more beautiful than we can ever imagine

And here is another interesting video that went viral since last week
I promise all the videos I attached here are all worth to watch

To be honest,
I really will walk into the "average" door before I watch this video
But now,
I can tell you I will definitely walk into the "beautiful" door confidently
Self-confidence is one of the key to become a real beauty.
You can't buy self-confidence in any stores,
there is no one able to help you
We have to build our own self-confidence instead

I genuinely think people who looks elegant is beautiful too
That person does not has to own a pair of big eyes, a D cup boobs or whatsoever
People with small eyes can be elegant as well
and I have this kind of friend around me :)
is also not able to gain it by doing surgery
Some people just born with it
If you do not have it,
you can earn it
It is all about how you carry yourself and your attitude

Well again,
I am not here to offend anyone nor say fixing your imperfectness is bad
if you think that makes you happy
then by all means..
This post is mainly a sweet reminder for myself
for all the girls and ladies who lack of self-confidence and self-esteem
It is okay..
We can strive hard and be confident on ourselves together!
I am working hard on it as well..

Will you walk into the "beautiful" door with me?


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  1. I love this post, it's deep yet makes you think..xx

    Jasmine |

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine! Glad to hear about that <3



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