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Plat Kitchen

Why hello guys! Welcome back to my little space. Sorry for being MIA so long, I feel terribly sorry to all of you especially my loyal readers who reminding me to update my blog. Well, I am currently in my final year now and knowing that juggling between uni work, society stuff and own jewellery business ( is not easy, hence, I decided to stop blogging for few months. Anyway, I am finally back and want to introduce you guys a very nice place to chillax with your friends and family in Melaka called Plat Kitchen!

For those who followed my instagram (@angelineseah), you all should know I love to take a #flatlay of my food no matter where I go. So, I would like to begin my post with a flatlay of what my friends and I had during tea time in Plat Kitchen! Their signature sizzling brownie topped with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream is definitely my favourite dessert of the day. You may need to eat it immediately because the brownie might stick on the sizzling plate if you left the brownie there for quite some time. 

Their tangy citrus cake is quite refreshing I would say, however, I personally prefer light & airy sponge cake so this cake does not satisfy my craving as it is actually a solid butter cake with citrus flavour. Everyone has different taste and expectations on cakes, some people might prefer this kind of solid texture.

Very cute little jar filled with homemade kuih bangkit that you can write a note on it to anyone as a gift. I think this idea is really sweet =) 

The café owner is very friendly and humble! It is truly inspiring when seeing people working hard to chase their dreams and enjoy what they love to do. 

I really love the café ambience and environment! There are not many cafés like this in Melaka so I am happy that I have another place to hang out with friends right now.

Attached a photo of me here just in case you guys totally forgotten how I look like since I have not been blogging for so many months *guilty*

So...other than desserts and coffee, they also offer many savoury options! From aussie style baked eggs to sambal dried shrimps spaghetti with pandan chicken, mostly everything is the good mix of western and eastern food, which is quite creative. Does the food taste good? You will find out if you continue reading my blog ;)                                                                                                               

Sambal dried shrimps spaghetti with pandan chicken is one of their recommended dish in their menu! It has a bit of fragrant dried shrimps smell and it is also quite spicy to me because my spicy food tolerance is low. This is one of the dish that I kinda looking forward to try, however, the spaghetti is not so flavourful as I expected. But still want to give a thumbs up to them for being so brave to try something new and you will not find something like this in any other cafes.

Baked eggs and beans with sausage also known as "breakfast in the pot" in the menu is quite good too. As a student who lives in Australia for almost 3 years, I reckon this is something you should try if you finding for a very typical Aussie breakfast.

Here comes my favourite dish of all - tray-baked chicken with grilled vegetables and sourdough. Although it is not listed as their recommended dish but it is totally worth a try! The chicken is very tender and fragrant due to the herbs and spices they chose to bake with the chicken. Tell you a secret, I really hate capsicum but their grilled capsicum totally changed my mind and makes me love capsicum so much! Their capsicum is so sweet, soft and juicy, it goes very well with the chicken meat.  

So here is my overall rating for this cafe...
Food :  /
Ambience :  /
Price : ★/
Service :  /

Address: 596, Jalan Melaka Raya 10, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
Operating hours: 9am-12am DAILY
Instagram: @platkitchen

So yayy! People from other states can finally have another spot to go in Malacca and Malaccan also have another place to hang out! Hope you guys enjoy reading this post and stay tuned my blog! Another post will be up very soon.


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