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Bleached Hair

Yeap, today I am going to discuss the facts about bleached hair, what you need to do before you bleach your beautiful mane and how to take care of it so the colour dye will be long lasting and still look as healthy as before! 

Many people feel very scared of bleaching their own hair, so do I. But, I personally think I should try at least once in my life. You will never know, maybe it is not as bad as what other people said. The first time I bleached my hair was before Chinese New Year but I just bleached part of my hair to get my unicorn hair look. To be honest, I did not regret on my decision because it was totally worth it. These two photos below was taken few months ago. Don't you think they are beautiful?

Let's skip to few months later, I decided to bleach all of my hair to get the light ash brown colour. I actually secretly want to try platinum blonde but I scared it might be too much for me so I go for this colour first and see how I cope with it. Pardon my bad quality photos because all these are taken by my iPhone and posted it on my instagram. Those who have not follow my instagram, follow me on @angelineseah *wink*

So here are some facts about bleached hair that you need to take note, I am not here to encourage everyone to do that but if you are a person who loves to try new things like me, just go for it! 

Facts about bleached hair:
1) Bleaching removes hair color through the process of oxidation. Bleaching products disrupt the hair's cuticle layer to make it more permeable, which allows hydrogel peroxide to penetrate the shaft. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the hair's pigment, stripping away the melanin and, as a result, its color. By looking at this single fact, we already know bleaching our hair is quite harmful.

2) Bleaching the hair is to achieve the best result of the colour you chose. However, the colour on the bleached hair will not last long than other darker hair colours. It will fade and probably last for around 3 weeks-1 and a half month (depends on how you taking care of it)

3) The colour of bleached hair before applying any colour dye on it is orangy gold.

4) You need to touch up your hair roots around 3-4 weeks once or touch up your hair colour so the faded hair colour will go back to its original colour just like the first day you dyed your hair.

After reading those facts above, I know you guys might don't even feel like want to try bleach your hair anymore. But no worries loveliess! I got you all covered here. Just continue to read what you should do before, during and after bleaching your hair, I am pretty sure your hair will look as healthy as before!

Things you need to do BEFORE bleaching your hair:

1) Stop shampoo your hair 1-2 days before you want to bleach your hair so that the natural oil in your hair will protect the hair scalp against irritation during bleaching process.

2) Stop dyeing your hair about 4-6 months. Let your hair take a break before bleaching it.

3) Make sure your hair condition is not dry and frizzy. Use more haircare products and do hair treatment.

Something you need to take note when you want to bleach your hair:

1) Find a good hairstylist who knows your hair condition and able to give you some advices. Consult them to make sure your hair can really undergo bleaching process.

2) Consult the hair salon about the price of bleaching the hair. Hate to say that but it really will make your wallet cry. In Malaysia, it cost around RM800-1200 (including hair treatment and hair dye).

3) The second point leads to my third point. You MUST do hair treatment after you bleached your hair in the salon. Please do not skip this step just for the sake of saving money. It is not worth it.

How to take care of your hair after you bleached and dyed it?

1) Do not be stingy to yourself. Buy all the haircare products such as coloured hair mask, coloured hair/sulphate-free shampoo (also known as purple shampoo), leave-in treatment and hair oil. You should invest those products for your hair because you will definitely need more money to save your damaged hair if you use normal shampoo and lazy to apply all the haircare products.  I usually spam all these products on my hair everyday. I also use hair mask whenever I wash them. 

Here are some products that I want to recommend to all of you...

My current favourite coloured hair shampoo is from Kératase. 

All time favourite hair oil is Moroccan oil. I blogged about it last year. Here is the link (

I am also using Kiehl's Damage Repairing and Rehydrating Leave-in treatment.

2) Do not wash your hair everyday, it will make your hair colour fade even faster. I have to admit this is hard for me. Living in Malaysia is not easy. The weather is hot and humid so we usually wash our hair everyday. But, we still need to try our best not to wash it everyday so the colour will be more long lasting.

3) Wash your hair with cold water and try not to blow your hair with hot air. Hot water and hot air will cause your hair colour fade faster as well.

4) Do hair treatment at home or salon once in a while. For my case, I just did the 3 points above and the hair still look healthy and not frizzy. Still have not reach point 4 yet.

So here are all my tips about taking care of the bleached hair! Hope you guys enjoy reading it even though it is a bit wordy. Share with me your thoughts and opinions about it too. I would love to hear about it ;)

Till then!


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  1. Thx for the tips!

  2. Great post. Very informative. I bleached my hair alot few months ago and my hair get dry so bad.

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! Glad to hear about that. Hopefully the tips are able to help you get your healthier hair back =)



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