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Elisha Coy x Natta Cosme

Welcome back to my favourite space! As I already promised, I will keep this blog as active as possible whenever I can. Today's post is no longer any post about my café hopping experience but beauty products review! Firstly, I would like to thank Natta Cosme for introducing me this awesome Korean brand called Elisha Coy and now I am going to do a review of their CC Cream and Vivid Party Magic Lipstick. There will be a good deal for my lovely readers so make sure you guys read my post patiently till the end. 
 Call me the "Flatlay Queen" haha just kidding!
Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC cream is said to be the high performance 10-in-1 Multifunctional Cream. It provides brightening, wrinkle care, UV protection, hydration, texture perfection, concealer, skintone correction, primer and long-lasting seamless coverage. Are those true? We will find out very soon!
The CC cream is white in colour and it blends into my skin very well, which means CC cream suitable for all different skintones. It provides luminous finish and does not causing my face looks cakey like I have a thick layer of powder covered on my face. Another thing I love about this CC cream is the texture of it is very light! It is quite long lasting as well.

All the stuff I mentioned above are the pros of the CC cream. However, nothing is perfect. Although it does say it can act as concealer but I think this CC cream has very poor coverage on my pimple scars and uneven skintone on my face. So, it is better to mix the CC cream with the foundation of your choice to get a better coverage or use your own concealer to cover all the imperfectness on your face unless your face is flawless. 
Here is how I look after I applied Elisha Coy's CC cream with my own concealer. Face still look quite flawless after all. For those girls who seeking for CC cream, Elisha Coy CC cream could be one of your good choice.
Now, let's move on and talk about Elisha Coy's Vivid Party Magic Lipstick
To be honest, I was so shocked when I saw the colour of lipstick. It is GREEN! I would never put on green colour lipstick on my lips despite my hobby is collecting lipsticks in different kinds of shade. But, there is always a reason why they called it "Magic Lipstick" and you may find out the answer down below.
The results really amazed me! It was transparent but it slowly changes to pink colour and you can get a darker pink if you apply it few times on your skin.  It is a 7-in-1 multi lipcare. It can act as primer, lipbalm, liptint, lipstick, lipliner, fixer and ultraviolet screening.
The lipstick texture is very smooth and moisture. I also love the shade on my lips very much. Elisha Coy's Magic Lipstick also comes with other colours like Real Banana, Very Strawberry, Grapefruit and Blueberry Sherbet. The one I am using is Green Apple.

My lips does feel a bit dry after 1 hour so I guess that is the only downside of the magic lipstick.

This lipstick can also act as blusher! For my case, it blends well with the CC cream on my face. This is how I usually look in my daily makeup, I like to keep my face look as natural and fresh as possible. Thick eyeliner, fake eyelashes and big eyes contact lenses are things I would avoid in any circumstances. If you like this kind of look, you just need four items: CC cream, Concealer, Lipstick and Eyebrow pen (if you have light eyebrow like mine).

Natta Cosme now have a great deal on Elisha Coy's CC cream and Magic lipstick! The CC cream original price is RM129 but now you can get their promotion set which has 3 CC cream + 2 Magic lipstick at RM249! That is definitely a steal and it is limited. If you think you do not need so many CC cream or lipsticks, you can ask your friends to share buy this promotion set with you and that could really save a lot of money!

Also, there is another good news for my readers! Simply key in "RAYA2015" to get RM6 off when purchase above RM100.

So what are you waiting for? Share these good news to your beloved ones and start shop wisely! *wink*

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