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Many of you might not know I actually have two furkids at home. Both of them are just around 5-6months old Siberian Husky and they really bring lots of joy in my family! Even my mum was initially not a doggie person but now she loves them very much. Well, I am not going to talk about them today. I know many people love Siberian Huskies and some people may already went to the very well known husky café, which called True Love café in Thailand just to play with their beautiful huskies! What if I tell you that you don't have to travel so many miles to Thailand because there is already one husky café called the Huskitory in Malacca? Read this post till the end and you all can thank me later *wink*

I must say they really have a nice and cozy environnment selling beverages, cakes and snacks. There will be two beautiful huskies, Flo and Cookie serving all of you. Surprisingly there is no dog smell over there so if any of you who dislike that kind of smell, don't worry! You can play with their dogs while enjoying your tea/coffee and cakes. How good is that?

They also sell Royal Canin and Josera dog kibbles, Coco&Joe barf and many other dog treats and toys!
 You can also bring your dogs go to their café! As long as they already vaccinated and well-behaved, they can go there and make some doggie friends. It is a very healthy environment for them too! Here is me with my Titus boy. It's so hard to make him stay and take a nice photo with me haha!
I ordered Iced Honey Milk and Oreo Crush Layered Cake. To be honest, I did not expect their food and beverages to be good because I come here for their huskies but their layered cake is super good! Now you can get a good slice of layered cake here, not only in Nadeje anymore!
 If you ordered a cake/snacks and a drink, you can get a pass to go play with 7 huskies and 2 baby huskies. That is such a great deal huh?!
Moreover, they also have food menu for our lovely furkids! I always hoping we can have this kind of cafe in Malaysia after seeing countries like Japan and Taiwan have lots of dogs café that also introduced dog food menu! I ordered their Rock & Raw, it contains carrot, brocoli, potatoes, raw egg, barf of your choice, canned meat, kibbles and more! I think this bowl of food definitely more nutritious than what we used to fed our furkids. Bring our furkids over and treat them a nice meal once in a while. You will get to enjoy 10% discount on everything if you bring your furkids over! Double win!

Céline and Titus seems blending in with the other huskies, Flo and Cookie very well. I am so happy they can come out and make some friends but not just staying at home all the time and didn't know the outside world.
Finally, it is huskies feeding time! Pardon my ugly pose because I can never squat properly since young. Please noted that if you want to feed and play with 7 huskies and 2 huskies puppies (you might not find any puppies there in the future because they are actually reserved by their new owners already), you need to come at 5-7pm or 8-10pm session. The café owner will also show some tricks to you all and explain some interesting facts about dogs and huskies. I personally think it is very helpful, I learnt a lot from there. Thank you so much!
It's been a while I did not carry a husky puppy so I couldn't resist myself to carry and hug them whenever I see them!
 (Photo obtained from The Huskitory Facebook Page)
Aren't they beautiful? I personally like Flo and Candy, they are just so perfect to me! But I also love Cookie's personality.

My furkids really enjoy themselves over there and so do I! The café owner and the whole Huskitory team are very kind and friendly. Thank you all so much for giving me such a wonderful experience!
 (Photo obtained from The Huskitory Facebook Page)
I am pretty sure many of you having the strong urge to go there and pay a visit after reading this post, however, there are few things to keep in mind before you go...
Please make sure you call them and make a reservation before you go. They told me 5-7pm and 8-10pm session is already fully booked until 7th of July so you need to be quick! 

Operating hours: 1.00pm-10.00pm (Monday close)
Address: 27, Jalan Asean 11, Taman Asean, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia.
Facebook page: The Huskitory

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  1. Wow this is so awesome! I have been to two dog cafés before but it's a novelty idea just to have one breed. I would love to go there one day.

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  2. Thanks for sharing!! I've been to the Bangkok Husky cafe, lovely owner and furkids but never knew about the Malacca cafe. Gonna plan a road trip there soon :)

    1. You are welcome! They just opened not long ago and now you have another reason to go Malacca! ;)


  3. wow! this is awesome! if I got go to Melaka, I sure bring my hubby go there as he loves huskies so much :)

    1. Yes! Your hubby will definitely love that cafe! =)



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