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Lipo Cavitation Treatment - CRES Wellness

Hi my beautiful ladies! Today I am going to talk about my experience in CRES Wellness The Gardens Mall for BESTSELLING Slimming Lipo Cavitation full treatment. I was lucky enough to get invited by CRES Wellness to try out newly launched body shaping intensive slimming and weight management treatment that promises effective and measurable results without pain or injections after one treatment.
My first reaction when I saw "Lipo Cavitation Treatment" was just like my friends, I thought it was "Liposuction" which is a surgical procedure and I was so terrified about it. But no worries everyone! Lipo Cavitation Treatment is a painless slimming procedure that utilizes ultrasound waves to break down stubborn fats with no side effects and so I was very eager to try it out.

On the day of my appointment, my beauty consultant explained that the Slimming Lipo Cavitation Full treatment offers the choice of targeting two problematic areas within one treatment session such as the waist, arms, thighs or buttocks.

According to research, women often tend to easily accumulate stubborn fat in those four areas mentioned easily due to prolonged periods of inactivity and poor lifestyles/diets. In addition to that, women tend to have greater fat storage after eating whereby stress also increases estrogen levels, triggering a hormonal response that tell your body to store more fat, contributing to a higher body fat percentage.  

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I know what you guys are thinking right now. You guys sure have lots of questions in the mind such as why you need this treatment since you are not fat? To be honest, I am quite comfortable with my own weight. Slim does not mean I have a nice body figure. This lipo cavitation treatment is not only for plus size girls to lose some weights, it is also for slim girls like us to tone up our body and to maintain slim figures.

The location of the premium salon and spa boutique was located at the fourth floor of Kuala Lumpur’s The Gardens mall at Mid Valley City. The environment of the treatment room is very pleasant with some soothing music. It is a perfect place for you to relax your mind for a while from all the study/work you have and enjoy the treatment. I was given a soothing cup of tea before changing into the outfit they provided to proceed with the treatment.

This is the new lipo cavitation machine they are using right now, the whole treatment contains 3 steps and it takes around 90 minutes to complete all the steps. I chose to do 2 body areas, which are my arms and tummy. There are few photos below with detailed explanation will help you all understand further about the treatment.

Here, I am going to let you know how I feel while doing those 3 steps treatment. (Click the images to get a better resolution)

Step 1: Cavitation
As what they mentioned above, they are using strong sound waves to vibrate the fat cells vigorously to disrupt and blast down the fat cell membrane so I can feel a bit of irritation in my ears while doing the treatment like there is a high pitched sound disturbing me. Other than that, everything is fine. It is truly painless but you can just feel a bit warm on that body area.

Step 2 & 3: Vacuum Quadripole RF and Multipolar RF
The feeling when doing these two steps are quite similar. The Vacumn Quadripole RF breaks down stubborn cellulite and orange peel structure by stimulating the fat cell into ultra active state and blasting down stubborn cellulite by high pressive vacuum suction. The finals step consists of using the Multipolar RF technology to further break the fat cell down while causing the contraction of collagen molecules as a result the skin becomes very firm and elastic. It is very relaxing because there is no high frequency sound disturbing me anymore! They use the devices to massage the body carefully, it feels a little cold but I love it. Extremely suitable to treat flabby areas and body wrinkles.

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After that, they will use infrared sauna blanket to let my body sweat so that the fat cells are able to excrete out from the body together with the sweat. This step is crucial as it will make the whole treatment more effective. I have no photos to show for this because I was in a dark room hence I can only show you an example of it. I was also given a anti-Cellulite massage to assist in the reduction of the dreaded “orange peel skin” condition that affects as many as 90% of women.  

Here comes the most important question of all...
Is it effective?

According to my own experience, it is not bad. Both of my arms and waist manage to slim down around 2cm when they measure me after the treatment. I would say it is not very visible for the first time but I can feel my body is firmer right now. The result of this treatment will be even more visible if you do it after a few times. I do not think it is healthy if I get a very dramatic result after just get the first treatment done. Right? So this treatment is safe for everyone! However, those with piercings will have to remove them before proceeding with the treatment.Apologies for not having any photos once again because I was almost naked when they are measuring me LOL

And there is a good news for all of you! Since CRES Wellness just launched this treatment not long ago so they have a very big promotion for this month! The original price for a single treatment is around RM199 but now you can get their Part Treatment Package at RM399 for 6 SESSIONS and Full Treatment at RM999 for 9 SESSIONS!

AND there is more! All the readers are welcome to celebrate their 12th Anniversary with CRES Wellness on 1st to 2nd August! You guys can come and redeem the Lipo Cavitation Part Treatment for FREE! (**Terms & Conditions apply) when you bring along your e-Invite to the two day event! How good is that? The event also promises lots of fun, food and

product and treatment prizes to be given out with their LUCKY DRAW and GRAND DRAW sessions. So What are you still waiting for? Register and win win win!

For more information, please visit...
CRES Wellness FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/creswellness?fref=ts
Proceed to the CRES Wellness website:
http://www.creswellness.com/ and register online to receive your e-Invite to the once-a-year Anniversary event today! Hurry before registration ends on July 31st!

I hope you guys enjoy reading this blogpost and wish you all have a nice day!


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