Sunday, 16 August 2015


H&M Fedora Hat | Milana Italy Cape | Missguided Crop Top | Cotton On Leggings | Windsor Smith Black Boots | Michael Kors Saffiano Bag | Chanel Sunglasses

Oh yes guys! I just came back from Japan! LOL
Nah just kidding but I was still very excited when I saw those beautiful cherry blossoms aka sakuras bloom at the Japanese botanical garden in Australia. I never thought I can get to see Sakura here until last year I saw many instagrammers uploaded their photos and went crazy about it. Those cherry blossoms were begin to fall from the trees by the time I wanted to pay a visit so I missed it last year!

This year I got so lucky. I went to the garden just in time to witness such wonderful scenery! Those cherry blossoms actually bloom earlier than the Auburn City Council's prediction. But anyway, this is really my first time get to see Sakura for real. You guys have no idea how excited and happy I was, I screamed inside my head. I have been to Japan twice but that time was not the Sakura season and I was super jealous whenever I saw my friends took those beautiful photos with cherry blossoms.

Now it is my turn to make you guys jealous. *evil smile* It was such a nice weather for outing, not cold nor hot. I have plenty of winter clothing but I just do not have the time to take photos and blog because I am currently in my last semester for my bachelor degree, I am too busy for anything. It is sad but I promise I will be active again once I graduated!

I love cape. Cape covers all the imperfect parts of my body, it makes me look slimmer too. I personally also think cape is a perfect transitional piece for winter and it is very versatile. The second must have item for winter is definitely a pair of genuine leather ankle boot. They just look simply gorgeous. I got mine from Windsor Smith and that is the most comfortable ankle boots I ever had.

I hope you guys enjoy my mini Sakura x OOTD album. Let me know how is it and suggest some other topics that I should share with you guys in the future! More giveaway perhaps? Haha

Till then!

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  1. awesome shots! :) loving all of them!

    1. Thank you very much Nick for your wonderful compliment! Really appreciate it =)


  2. Gorgeous as usual ;) Never expected Australia to have Sakuras too!


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